The winter that won’t end

More white stuff today… though I woke up to rain and it’s back to rain (and now wind) again. I guess this is what we get in exchange for that 70 degree day back in January.

Yesterday was moderately productive. I completed my pathophys/pharm test. Had technical difficulties while completing it, so I ended up having to call my professor and read my answers for half of the test to her so she could hand score it with the answers that were actually saved on Blackboard. As I stated a few posts ago, technology is great until it isn’t. My score was okay… not great, but okay. We’ll see where it ends up after the curve. After that I got some work done for a group project (haven’t heard from my group-mates about it yet, though), did some journal entries, and half-assedly searched for some journal articles for different papers I need to work on.

The motivation has seemed to fizzle for today, though. I’ve spent the past couple hours reading a labor & delivery nurse’s blog that I found. When I was in the OR the other day a few people asked me what area I wanted to go into. At this point I’m hesitant to state an unequivocal preference. I’ve always been interested in maternal/child health, but I’ve only actually been practicing nursing skills in a med-surg (and oncology) unit and I want to give everything a fair shot before I make my choice. That being said, I still lean towards labor & delivery, or peds, or NICU nursing. So it’s interesting to read about someone else’s experience in that field. Lots of food for thought. I can’t wait until fall when I can actually experience it.

Okay, time to go do some school reading now. Really. During “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” commercial breaks, anyway 😉


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