Another snow day…

Sheesh, what is it with winter this year? Actually, our clinical instructor cancelled today’s clinical last night based on the weather reports and the way the storm progressed we really could have gone in. It mostly rained with a little sleet off and on for most of the day. It’s only just now picking up into accumulable (is that a word?) snow. I attempted to be somewhat productive with my day off. Okay, I thought about being productive. I did go to Target. That’s important, right? And I visited my “senior consultant” so that actually was useful. And I’m trying to go through my pathophysiology/pharmacology notes so I can take my test hopefully tomorrow or Saturday. It’s covering Pain, Anxiety, and Depression; Respiratory; Cardiovascular; Diabetes; Blood, Clotting, and Lipids; Cancers; and HIV/AIDS. And our professor apparently couldn’t figure out which questions to cut out, so it’s going to be a longer test than last time. Hopefully the result will be as good!

Got my analytic paper back and did really well! Woohoo! Go me! My professor even said it might be suitable for publication with some tweaking… I’m not sure by whom (Student-Nurses-Who-Think-They-Can-Write Quarterly?) but hey… might give it a go. AFTER this semester is over, that is. I’ve got way too much other stuff to think about over the next few weeks (which is why I’m spending my time blogging, of course). But she did ask permission to use my paper as an example for future classes. So if nothing else I’ll be guiding future nurses as they bang their heads against keyboards in frustration 😉

Had a minor breakdown yesterday as I realized the depth of debt I’m accumulating… or rather, fear that I won’t be able to acquire sufficient debt to stay in my home for another year. Of course there are plenty of options. I called up T and he was able to talk me down from the proverbial ledge. Step one is likely going to be to find a job. Something to at least give me gas and grocery money. And I know that once this semester ends we’ll be eligible to become LNAs, so I might look into finding a part-time or per diem job doing that if I can. And T mentioned some other places to look that I hadn’t even thought of. Step two might be trying to find a roommate. It’s really not something I’d like to do, though certainly the rent would go quite a ways in keeping me financially solvent. It’s just… I really like living on my own. Really. A lot. I might put it out to my classmates, though, on the off chance that one of them is looking for a room somewhere. At least I know them and I’d know that they’d probably only be here a year… and they’d understand my schedule since, well, they’d have the same schedule. We’ll see. I need to think on it some more. And possible start saving my pennies for lottery tickets on the off chance… hey, you never know.

The feeling of being overwhelmed was compounded by the amount of stuff coming due in the next few weeks. We’re all feeling the pressure, I know. I should probably just sit down and make a list of smaller tasks out of the big ones so it doesn’t seem so daunting. I was much better about that earlier in the semester.

On the upside, though, tomorrow I get to go to the OR for the day! I have no idea what to expect… I’m just hoping I remember not to lock my knees so I don’t faint. It should be a cool experience, though. I’m definitely looking forward to it, and I’ll be sure to post about it later!

Okay, back to the notes here.


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