Are you sure this is a good idea?!

Tomorrow my group will be the first to start clinical (the second starts on Saturday and the third was unable to get conference room space at their hospital tomorrow, so they’ll have to do their orientation at school tomorrow and have their first hospital visit next week). We found out today that we won’t be starting at 8am as originally planned… nooo, we’ll be starting at 6:30am instead! So… I have to get up earlier to drive the five miles down the road than I would to go the 40 miles to school. Does this make sense? Plus I have to factor in bus time since we’re required to park at a church parking lot a mile away from the hospital (though at least they HAVE a bus… far better than walking that mile!). On the upside, that means that we’ll be done earlier, so I can’t complain about that. More homework time (sad that I’m excited about homework time).

I’m feeling a wee bit fraudulent. Kinda like, “I’m not a nurse, and I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn last night. Mind if I poke you anyway?” It doesn’t help that our professors were all so excited this week that we were starting clinicals and were telling us all sorts of horror stories. Mmm… thanks, I feel better now (okay, in some ways it’s nice to know that a PhD was at the same point we are once upon a time and they made it through, but…). I’m trying to stay in my blissful state of denial at the moment. Well, not denial, just one moment at a time. Right now I must wash my socks for tomorrow. All I need to worry about right now is clean socks. That’s it. Don’t think about someone flinging a bedpan at your head (a la, don’t think about a pink elephant with purple polka dots).

Speaking of socks, I did buy myself some regulation socks today — we are supposed to wear navy or white, though I doubt that our clinical instructor is going to be going around lifting our pant legs to ensure that we’re compliant. For some reason I felt I needed new socks before I started clinical, though. Not sure if it’s to represent a new beginning or because I want to segregate the MRSA and VRE (those antibiotic-resistant bugs) clothes from the non-MRSA/VRE clothes. We had our Infection & Antibiotics unit in Pathophysiology/Pharmacology the past two weeks and I think it sufficiently freaked most of us out. This is made worse by the fact that, as students, there is nowhere for us to keep our things in the hospital, so we can’t bring a change of clothes with us. Ew… Makes me wish for some of those plastic seat covers they put on the driver’s seat when you take it in for service for the drive home from clinical.

Anyway, it WILL be nice to get into the hospital and actually make sense of all the stuff we’re trying to absorb in class and lab.

In other school stuff… did okay on the first two tests last week. The med calc test was pretty easy, the other one not so much, but at least I have a better idea for the next one… and I still beat the class average, so I’m not going to worry about it. We turned in our first paper on Tuesday and have an annotated bibliography due next Tuesday. I need to get cracking on that. Thankfully our workload for the other classes doesn’t seem too bad, so I should be able to dedicate most of my time to it. I am finally getting caught up technologically… I purchased Office 2007 yesterday. It’s weird. I’m used to 2003 and this seems kind of foreign to me. But I figured it was worth it to deal with the learning curve and have up-to-date software. It is SO nice not to have to use WordPad anymore for word processing… blasted piece of crap that was! Though it bugs me to no end how Microsoft-dependent we are. I still need to call figure out how to get my Palm software on this computer (I set it up on the guy’s computer initially). Guess I’ll call the vendor tomorrow or Monday to get that figured out.

Outside of school, my alma mater’s men’s hockey team will be playing two games locally this weekend, so I’m going to try to get to both of those. They had a really REALLY bad losing streak there for a while, but they’ve won their last three games (the last to a nationally ranked team), so I’m hoping they’ll come through for me this weekend. I’m hoping my current school’s men’s hockey team puts in a good effort this weekend, too. Their #1 national ranking was far too short-lived.


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