Getting into the swing

Week three and…

One bit of sad news: we lost one of our classmates. Not sure what exactly happened, but I guess she had some family issues and decided to withdraw. It was a bummer to me since she was one of the people I really enjoyed hanging out with. I just hope that everything is going okay for her and maybe she can start again next year.

Pathophys/Pharm: I need to write a brief (two paragraph) paper on Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for next week. Shouldn’t be too bad, I don’t think.

Clinical Inquiry: We had our first true Blackboard discussion this past week and the professor commented positively on one of my points. Go me! Passed in a draft citation for our annotated bibliography due in a couple weeks… I think I decided that my subject for that and the subsequent analytic paper will be on the relevance of hospitalists to nursing. Though “Information seeking & the internet” sounds pretty interesting. As does “Complementary therapies.” As does… oh, stop it, Rori, just pick one!

Care of the Older Adult: I started my reflective journal. This a bit fluffier of a class than I was expecting, but it’s interesting. One of the professors reminds me of one of my aunts.

Discipline of Nursing: Bah, theory be darned. Actually, I think it’s getting better. For our first assignment we had to interview an advanced practice nurse, so I contacted a woman my mom used to work for who is now CEO of a home health organization. It was interesting to get in touch with her after all those years and be able to talk to her as a future colleague. I think it surprised her to find out my age, though. For this week we have to write our own theory of nursing. Eep. That’s a rather tall order for a bunch of non-nurses… I’m guessing it will end up more politically correct and vague than what the traditional MSN students would write, but I’ll do my best.

Health Assessment & Clinical Nursing: We had our first medication administration quiz today. Seemed pretty easy. We also practiced drawing up injections and giving intramuscular injections on the dummies. Somehow giving an injection to a plastic dude doesn’t do much for my confidence in giving injections to warm, breathing, pain-sensing humans. Actually my confidence on any clinical skills is pretty much nil. Our labs are fun, but they’re not giving us much in terms of practice. I’ve heard of other schools where they practice everything on each other before going into a clinical setting, and I wonder if we’ll be terribly behind when we go out there. But our clinical instructors assure us that they’ll be there and that by the end of the semester we’ll each have three patients to care for on our shifts. Eep. Tomorrow we have our first exam on the other stuff we’ve been covering… not quite sure how to study for it seeing as most of the info seems like pretty common-sense stuff. Tomorrow is also our last Friday on campus… after this our Fridays will be in clinical. Eep!

Still feeling kind of disorganized. I’m not sure if this is part of the “grad school thing” or what, but it seems that there is no one repository for information for any of our classes. We’ll have some readings listed on Blackboard but then flip through the syllabus and find yet another course schedule with more readings listed on it. Then something will be mentioned in class that we’ll write down in our notes, only to forget that it was mentioned until one person mentions it the next week and the rest of us go scrambling to do it. A professor will decide to post an article at the last minute so even though you thought you had everything completed for that class you find out you were wrong. I’m not trying to be a whiny baby here. We know at this point in our academic careers that you just have to roll with the punches, but I know most of us spend a few hours a week just trying to figure out all the information we need to prepare for the next week… which is a couple hours I’d rather spend actually doing the work.

Oh well, at the very least it’s nice to be part of a group who is all going through the same thing, so we can vent to each other and help each other out when we need it. I’ll kinda miss seeing everyone every day after we split for our clinical sites!


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