Week One: Check!

Hard to believe that we’ve reached the second week of school. It’s been a bumpy road to start, but seems to be smoothing out some now. The most interesting thing, by far, has been meeting my fellow students. We’ve had various introductions for each of our classes over the past week and I learn a little more about my classmates each time. I’m absolutely amazed at the experiences that these people bring to the program.

There is one woman who started the program last year, but only completed the first semester as she found out that she was pregnant with twins! She’s only taking two classes with us due to the number of credits that transferred from last year, plus the fact that she’s limiting her load while her newest children are so young, but it’s really interesting to have someone in class who started out in the prior curriculum and is still close with many of her former classmates. I was excited to find out that she, too, was a mutual fund company drop-out. We have people representing the Phillippines, Kenya, and Pakistan. The woman from Pakistan was actually a physician in her home country. The man from Kenya holds a PhD in community economic development. We’ve got a lot of psych majors, with biology ranking second in popularity. There are a fair number of us who had seriously considered medical school prior to choosing nursing. We’ve got a number of people with master’s degrees, including those in public health, developmental psychology, biochemical engineering, and human sexuality. We have two people with military experience. We have a few parents, one woman having grown children, two others (including the woman mentioned above) with infants. It’s really quite a diverse group and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

We’re finally officially registered and Blackboard is up for all of our courses. It’s not the greatest system, but it definitely is nice to have all of our course materials in one online source. I’m loving my own new technology, though. I still need to get MS Office on my computer (yeah, because I’m not spending enough money on this venture already!), but at least I get to enjoy the fact that I can pull the computer out nearly anywhere on campus and get almost instant access to journal articles through the library’s website without having to spend my time wandering through dusty stacks. The PDAs are fun, too… if I see a word in my reading that I’m not sure about, no need to dig out another book, just turn on the Palm and tap into Taber’s Medical Dictionary. It’s definitely going to be useful in the clinical sites. Plus I can get on the web with it wherever there’s a wireless connection and somehow (don’t know how yet) I can share info with my classmates since they’re all equipped with Bluetooth technology. Oh yeah, solitaire on demand is nice, too 😉

Still trying to get caught up with everything from the past week. I got a lot of reading done this weekend and yesterday, but there’s still a lot more to do. Plus I’m still trying to get all the class materials printed off and organized. At least I know we’re all in the same boat. It’s a hectic pace, but I think we’re starting to settle in.

My schedule is something like this:
Saturday-Monday: no classes, study my butt off (and try to have a little fun, too)
Tuesday: Pathophysiology/Pharmacology from 8-11, then a big ass break that I’ll spend in the library or the student union, then Clinical Inquiry from 3:30-6:30
Wednesday: Care of the Older Adult from 9-noon, then Discipline of Nursing (theory, blah) from 1-4 (though she likes to let us out early… no complaints here!)
Thursday and Friday: Health Assessment 8-2 (the clinical course), though we’ll only have this schedule for the next two weeks… after that we’ll be on campus on Thursday and will spend Fridays in the clinical site (likely 7-3) for three weeks, then at the clinical site for both days after that.

We’ll also be doing some volunteering/observing at nursing homes and the like for our Care of the Older Adult class a few times during the semester.

Now it’s time to get back to my Calculate with Confidence book… nothing like doing a math workbook to make you feel like a kid again!

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