Where am I going and how did I get in this handbasket?

Okay, so I was going to use this title for a little history lesson in how Rori got to nursing, but now that I’m actually in school I’m not sure when or if I’m going to have time to do a whole long schpiel on that, so I’ll use it for this post.


Wow. The first week has been a whirlwind. Tuesday morning I woke up like any other morning. Alarm went off same time. Got up, took a shower, grabbed a quick breakfast, got dressed… but that’s when it began to change. I put on JEANS. Denim on a weekday! It got weirder. I got in the car, but T wasn’t with me. I turned north on the interstate instead of south. There were NO TRAFFIC JAMS, even though we had an ice storm the day before. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

After that it’s a bit blurry. One of the professors on the first day of class said something about us being sheep, and I must admit that I did feel a bit like going “Baaaa!!!” We followed each other around trying to find our classes. We put up with the craziness of not being able to register for our classes, thus not being able to get into Blackboard which apparently wreaks havoc with the professors as they try to remember how they taught before the system existed, trying to figure out why I couldn’t log onto the school computers, etc. It was all incredibly hectic and I think I speak for most of us when I say that it left my head spinning.

Then, on top of trying to adjust academically, there’s the whole aspect of getting the rest of my life up to speed with this change. There was the realization that I need to get a modern computer, like, yesterday, and that we should probably be good citizens and get our own damned high-speed wireless connection and yeah, that means going back to cable (oh how I loved being perverse in not having the boob tube… though I gotta admit that the crappy reception was more than a little annoying most of the time). There was the realization that I needed to stock up on portable snacks so that I don’t either starve or go broke. And there’s the challenge of recognizing that the rest of the world has not stopped just because I’ve decided to go back to school and make a career change. I’ve still got lots of other roles in life besides student and I need to be sure to honor those… or at least try my darnedest.

I’m starting to see the light, though. Yesterday I stocked up on my snacks and went to Staples where I found a cute little laptop on clearance… after checking with the second opinion and him checking it with his network, I purchased it to find out that it was $100 cheaper than the tag, plus I still got 10% off of that! I got my Palm T/X up and running and got to play with it in class today. We got to do our first skills lab today. And I found out that they’re having a clinical site in the Queen City after all and I got placed into it! Yay for ridiculously short commutes (even though it’ll still be three weeks until I get to do it). Our classes are finally available for us to register (well, kinda, I tried and it gave me an error message because it’s over the maximum credit limit… argh). Now I just need to get my student loan stuff done, call that darned cable company and re-enter us into the 21st century, and finish the attempt at organizing myself with binders and folders and planners and whatnot.

Hopefully will have more time this weekend to give a better report. Back to the books here!


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