You could learn a lot from a dummy…

No, not Vince and Larry… legless Anne (who looked more like an Anton if you ask me) and baby Anne.

Today was CPR certification day for seven of my classmates and myself. It was a pretty interesting class, all in all. Our instructor was friendly and not afraid to poke a little fun at the cheesy videos (“Notice how everyone who has a heart attack falls over so gracefully!”). We learned the basic mouth-to-mouth, got up to date on the American Heart Associations new guidelines for compression-to-breath ratio (it’s now 30 compressions to two breaths), and even got to “bag” our dummies, which I previously thought only existed on TV 😉 We also covered infant CPR and choking, the latter of which involves a rather drastic-looking series of whacks on the back and chest compressions. Our instructor assured us that it works, however… she had to do it twice in one week this summer on her son who liked watermelon a little too much and shoved it all in his mouth at once. Two whacks and it was out, she said.

It was also nice to have a chance to meet a few classmates before the craziness starts. We seem to have a pretty diverse group. A full 20% of the class is male. At least one person looks to be over 40. At least one other person came from a corporate background. I think one of the guys is former military. It will definitely be interesting to find out how and why everyone ended up there.

I also got to pick up the things I’d ordered from the SNO during orientation. I’m afraid to play with anything before I really know how to use it, but I’ll admit that when I got home I tossed the steth around my neck just to see what it felt like. FWIW it’s heavier than I expected.

One more week of freedom left. We have an orientation to the library next Friday then it’s off to the races the following Tuesday… assuming that they get everything straightened out so that we can register. They’d booked class time for classes that no longer exist while they were finalizing the new curriculum changes so that they’d at least have rooms arranged, but they haven’t updated them with the real classes yet. Expediency is not the strong point of this school, apparently!


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