First post!

I’ve waffled about starting a blog for the past few months, especially as it became more apparent that I was going to finally be leaving the corporate world to return to school full time. As you can see I’ve finally bitten the bullet and gone ahead and done it. I figured this was a good way to document the process and share it with friends and family.

Thanks to John for recommending this site.


2 thoughts on “First post!

  1. John Martin says:

    Welcome aboard the blog train babeee!

    Considering the life changes you’ve been going through, this is a perfect time to start creating a digital portfolio of your life. Now if we can just get you a Flickr account and convince you to post some great OR shots that would be cool!


  2. roriroars says:

    Thanks brudder… glad you approve. Baby steps, man, baby steps. First I must learn how to use a digital camera!

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