New Year, New You Giveaway!!!!

Welcome to 2013, all! Hope you had fabulous celebrations, took time to count the blessings that came your way in 2012, and are looking forward to the adventures the new year will bring.

New post likely to come regarding my own dance plans for the year, but before I get into the mememememe, how about something for youyouyouyouyou!?

I’ve got a couple prizes for people looking to make some positive changes in the new year!

First up is a copy of The Pointe Book by Janice Barringer and Sarah Schlesinger. I just discovered a 3rd edition of this book was published recently and the one I’m giving away (alas!) is the 2nd edition, but while some of the info about specific pointe shoe brands/models is a bit dated, this book is still chock-full of great info for anyone hoping to be en pointe in the new year or beyond — history of pointe, anatomy of a shoe, care and keeping of shoes, injury prevention, and more!

The Pointe Book

Then we’ve got two DVDs from The Bar Method — Beginner’s Workout and Dancer’s Body Advanced Workout. If you’re not familiar with barre-based workouts, or the Bar Method in particular, it’s a form of exercise that focuses on isometric movements, basically tiny movements that make a big difference in muscle structure. It’s based on the Lotte Berk method (Lotte Berk was a former dancer who came up with exercises to recover from an injury) and incorporates pilates and yoga. I found out about them probably 10 years ago and found that the DVDs really do make a huge and quick difference in the shape of your body. You do NOT need a barre to do the exercises; a tall chair or counter-top works just fine. The only other things you may need are things you likely have in the house already: a mat (a carpeted surface is sufficient), a strap (yoga strap is great, but bathrobe belts or towels work, too!), and light free-weights (or canned food!).

Bar Method DVDs

The DVDs can come as a set or individually (if you happen to only be interested in one of them!). Oh, and unlike my last giveaway, these discs claim to be compatible with all DVD players and don’t list a region, so I assume you can view them wherever you are in the world… fingers crossed.

To enter, please leave me a comment (be sure you’re logged in so that I can access your e-mail address from your profile!) with the following:

1. Which prize(s) are you interested in?
2. What was the highlight of 2012 in your dance world (can be a personal achievement or a performance you saw or something you read or… anything!)?
3. What are you hoping to achieve dancer-wise in 2013 (again, can be personal or not, whatever you want!)?

I’ll keep the giveaway open until the Sunday, January 13th, and will select the winners at that time.

Good luck to all and best wishes for a happy, healthy, well-balanced, flexible, joyful, and strong 2013!

Trick or treat giveaway winners!

Apologies for the delay in posting the giveaway winners. I feel like the last couple days have been busybusybusy.

I was excited to see that my giveaway brought some lurkers out of anonymity! I love learning more about my readers, so thanks for entering and letting me know you’re out there!

There were three entrants and I had three treats to give, so I decided that each of you gets a prize. Yippee!!!

For Allison, the Ballet Blast DVD.

For SettingTheBarre, the Classic 60-Minute Workout DVD.

And for Minttu, the Ballet Beautiful book.

I shall be in touch with each of you soon to get your address so I can get these in the mail to you! Congrats to the winners and to everyone, stay tuned for future giveaway opportunities!

Last chance for the trick or treat giveaway!

Did you enter yet?

Huh? Huh???

Only a few more hours, dear reader…

I’ll select winners tomorrow… Not sure what time.

Oh, and while we’re at it, there were no guesses as to where I was during Nut auditions? NONE!?

I know the picture’s not great, but I figured I’d at least get a couple nibbles. Do you need another hint? Answer to be posted on Friday if no one guesses before then.

I hope you had a glorious Halloween. And to all affected by the hurricane/nor’easter/full moon conglomeration otherwise known as “Frankenstorm” I do hope you are all safe! Luckily an 18-hour stint without power and some fallen siding on my condo was the worst of the damage here, which is a small annoyance comparatively.

Trick or Treat! Giveaway time!

[NOTE: This giveaway is now closed.]

Yes, it is coming up on time for going door-to-door and rounding up candy from your neighbors! Hope you’ve got your costume picked out!

Sadly I haven’t seen hide or hair of a trick-or-treater since I moved into this place 8 years ago (the fact that I live in a garden style condo with a locked front door may have something to do with this). On the plus side, this means I don’t bother to buy candy, and therefore am not tempted to eat it.

Scratch that, I’m totally tempted to eat candy All the Freakin’ Time!!! Congenital sweet tooth, what can I say?

But I’ve given up on buying it because I know I’ll just end up mowing down on it and… well, I’ve got costumes to fit into in a few short weeks!

But I do have a treat for a lucky reader (or two or three!). Yes, it’s giveaway time!!! Woohoo!!!

And I’ll admit straight upfront that this giveaway has a dual purpose of getting rid of a couple things that I don’t want. So you’ll be helping me to declutter my house. But hey the stuff is still brand new, so you really can’t go wrong.

The giveaway has three prizes:

The Ballet Beautiful book by Mary Helen Bowers
The Ballet Beautiful Classic 60-Minute Workout DVD
The Ballet Beautiful Blast Series DVD

If you’re unfamiliar with this series, Mary Helen Bowers is a former NYCB ballerina who trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan. So, theoretically, doing these DVDs and following the advice in the book with turn you into a creepy ballerina with feathers growing out of you… start now and be ready for next Halloween! Okay, all kidding aside, the DVDs are ballet-inspired (loosely) workouts and the book goes into the author’s story, details about the exercises, and some nutrition/meal-planning stuff. The links go to the Amazon page so you can read more about it there.

Now, dear reader, if you want all three, do not despair. You will have a chance to win all three. Keep in mind, though, the DVDs are Region One which pretty much means you need to live in the US or Canada to be able to watch them. So keep that in mind!

How do you register to win these fine prizes? Hm… well, I could just say, leave a comment and ask, but I want to do something more interesting so, I’m gonna make you do a little work.


Leave a comment on this post by 10/31/12 with the following:
1. [Housekeeping portion] Which prize(s) you are interested in… it’s okay, I’m not like the mean lady who only hands out one measly Tootsie Roll to each kid! You can pick more than one!
2. Favorite Halloween candy?
3. Least favorite?
4. Which ballet character would you most like to dress up as for Halloween?
5. A fun fact about yourself… silly, frivolous, dance-related, or not, Halloween-related, or not. ;)

Winners will be drawn randomly on November 1st! Enter! NOW!!!